25. October 2020

Along the Way with Power to Fulfill our Purpose

By Mark Shields

We have good memories that we will cherish forever and some bad memories we had rather not have. No matter what, we can rest assured that the future can be better than the past if we prepare each day with God; have a time set aside to plan and pray for a productive day. Then day by day, we can lean on the grace of God; making course corrections along the way with power to fulfill our purpose.

The purpose of the procedure discussed in Numbers 19 was to purify a person after touching a dead body. If a person touched a dead body, they were unclean and unable to be with God in worship for seven days. During this time in history, there were masses of dead bodies due to plague, war, and the harsh conditions as they wandered through the dessert.

The procedure here satisfies God’s acceptance of His people. An innocent animal had to die as part of the purification process. Fortunately for us, the Lamb of God takes the place of this complex procedure for our purification in current times; dying on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Jesus Christ replaces this procedure and makes things right for us so we can receive the power to fulfill God’s plan for us.

God made a way to simplify life for us so more time can be spent on what is most important which is to invite others to the love and grace of Christ. This common purpose in making disciples gives us a reason to stay together and the will to stay the course.

This day with You Lord, we understand more about the reason for sacrifice and we are grateful for the love and grace of Christ. Through the water of baptism, we are incorporated into Your Way of salvation. We also have a purpose in telling others about this Way that makes things right so You are with us at all times with power to change the world for the better.

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