19. January 2021

Light in Darkness

By Mark Shields

This day with God will be amazing because He thinks you are AWESOME! Focus on what you can do and not on what you wish you could do. Then what seemed to be impossible will become possible.

The purpose of light is to help us see. In today’s reading of Mark 4:21-25, the lamp provides light and the spiritual principles Christ is illustrating here is for us to discover the strength of God’s assistance.

God is like the lighthouse constantly there to help us find our way.

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God is our strength. You may feel like there is no way but with God there is a way and His way is the best way. Through the Holy Spirit, we are given the light to find our place in this world and are given insight towards being the best at what we do. Then we can share with others about the light that brings us home. 

Lord, You can do amazing things through each of us. In dark times, we can shine the Light. Your amazing grace will keep us on pace. We look to You to show us the way as we each discover who we are and the spark we provide. Help us today be willing to let this spark shine bright in dark places so we complete the mission You have for us. Amen.

Source:: https://thisdaywithgod.com/2020/09/14/light-in-darkness/

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