20. January 2021

Worship the ONE Who Brings Blessings

By Mark Shields

This day with God will be amazing because we seek Him every day and in Him we believe. We are thankful for His provision; grateful for all we receive. This day with God, let us take in the instruction from His Word found in Deuteronomy 7 and let us worship the ONE who brings blessings. 

God had set things up in Egypt so the Israelites escaped out of bondage in Egypt. He then parted the Red Sea to provide a path to freedom as they set out to the Promised Land. Then the relationship changed when the Israelites forgot all about the blessings from God and all He had done for them.

They were tempted to worship man-made idols rather than God who controls history. They preferred unreliable idols instead of God who had been faithful to them in the past. They preferred powerless idols instead of a powerful God who was winning their battles.

The lesson for us is to worship the ONE true God. The result is rational thinking and principled living which adds to the fabric of an elevated society with blessings that extend to better health, security, and thriving economy. Following God’s way promises dividends with a future of prosperity, purpose, peace, and a perfect place that is beyond what could be imagined.

This day with You Lord, we worship only You because Your blessings provide liberty. When we worship You, we are freed from the things that keep us in bondage. We are freed from the things that cause tribulation like drugs, alcohol, and other dependencies. Instead, we accept the principles taught by Christ and we step ahead in faith along the path that leads to prosperity, purpose, peace, and a perfect place that is beyond what could be imagined.  Amen.

Source:: https://thisdaywithgod.com/2020/12/09/worship-the-one-who-brings-blessings/

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