20. January 2021

Step Ahead on the True Path to Liberty

By Mark Shields

Today’s passage is Deuteronomy 5 about the Ten Commandments which create order in our life. When we pay attention to the world, disorder expands to fill the void of human failure. When we pay attention to God, order fills the void with greatness.

There is extra focus in today’s passage on the Sabbath because of this need to put more attention on God rather than the world. Worry and the senseless noise of the phone, television, and the bad news of the world can get us down. Each of us could use more of God’s “Good News”. 

Moses role in the life of Israel was to set them free from bondage in Egypt and on the journey to the Promised Land. The true path to liberty is godliness. When we pay attention to the word of God, we’re not filling our head with impracticable concepts but we’re giving direction to our daily tasks and a road map to our dreams.

I’m reminded of the photo below I took near my house at Carleen Bright Arboretum. It’s a 16-acre preserve that features 8 acres of landscaped botanical gardens, trails and an event gazebo.

The poem below was written as I reflect on today’s passage.

 Child, listen to all I say
 Because my name is Yahweh
 Everything will be okay
 If you keep going my Way 

This day with You Lord, help us step ahead with boldness going steadily forward with a certain expectancy because of confidence in Your Way. There may be times along our journey that we may feel that we’ve lost our edge but we can find it back if we are honest with ourselves by reflecting on the past. Then we can start doing what keeps us on the path. Amen.

Source:: https://thisdaywithgod.com/2020/12/02/step-ahead-on-the-true-path-to-liberty/

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