28. January 2021

Ordinary Wise Men

By Mark Shields

This poem was inspired from a sermon series called “Ordinary People, Extraordinary God” delivered by Pastor Ryan Barnett on 12-01-2019. Ordinary Wise Men studied the ancient text and the stars in the sky. They were experts just carrying out their jobs. We too have experts in current times but we must take into account that God’s expertise is greater so we need to be open to the Word of God, follow His will, live faithfully, and participate in God’s Plan for Us.

Step Ahead

Ordinary Wise Men
 Looking up high
 Noticing a star
 Up in the sky.

 Experts in ancient text
 And astronomy
 Carrying out their job

 Experts are good
 But take into account
 That God’s expertise
 Is paramount.

 Following the Way
 To align with God’s presence
 And receive instructions
 Towards excellence.

 By spending time with God,
 We stand under the spout
 Where the Spirit flows
 And blessings come out.
 Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-24-2019
 Inspired by Sermon of Ryan Barnett – December 1, 2019Image Source - Bing Images

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