28. January 2021

Dedicated to the Purpose

By Mark Shields

If you have a plan, you have a better shot at getting things done. We should be thankful for God’s Plan for Us. With this plan, things fall in place and we get a lot more done than we thought we could. The words of the photo above, are the roadmap to the plan.

This day with God, we are focusing on Deuteronomy 14 as we stay dedicated to the purpose of this journey. We will document lessons learned so they may be used to refer back to during difficulty and encourage others along the way. Today’s passage concerns the purpose for the eating regulations and the tithe.

The eating regulations are given for the purpose of building discipline and teaching humility. While in the wilderness for forty years, the people had to depend on God for their sustenance. He provided manna for their physical needs and the Word for their spiritual needs.

The purpose for the regulations on food was for health reasons in order to avoid disease. To take in food that was healthy and best for their physical well-being. The tithe was also intended to support people in need and be used for the most useful good works within their community.

Unity is the strongest force within the faith community because God gives limitless resources and is always with us.  Becoming what the faith community was meant to be requires Christians practicing their faith and reflecting Christ in their life. 

This day with You Lord, we have the roadmap and we set out each day with this plan You have for us. We choose the Spirit road.  Your highway is not always the easy way but leads to an amazing place. Amen

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