19. January 2021

Joy In All We Do

By Mark Shields

The photo above was taken at my office building a few years ago as I looked out one of the meeting rooms. I wanted to capture the moment because it was a sign to me that everything would work out under a stressful situation. There is peace and joy because Jesus was born. Believe God will provide music for your ears, laughter for our souls, and a rainbow after every storm.

This day will be amazing because we seek God every day and in Him we believe. We are thankful for His provision; grateful for all we receive. Today, we read Deuteronomy 16:1-17 and will receive joy from reading His Word.

The passage today discusses three annual events that required meeting at the central place of worship. The Festival of Unleavened Bread or Passover, the Festival of Weeks, and the Festival of Tabernacles.

Passover is celebrated in March or April and was the celebration of being “passed over” when the first born was killed in Egypt because of the blood sprinkled door. The Festival of Weeks or Pentecost is celebrated seven weeks after planting in May or June. The Festival of Tabernacles is celebrated after harvest in September or October.

The take away for me is to find joy in all we do and bring it into worship because worship is giving thanks to God for what He has blessed us with. Let us find joy in His Word and apply it in our life. Let us find joy in music, in art, and in poetry. Let us find joy in the sunrise, the sunset, and the photos we take.

This day with You Lord, we step out in faith because of the victory in Christ. We can enjoy every moment and not worry. We can be happy instead of being uneasy and just be the person You made us to be. Help us to be at peace with things at work or with financial concerns at home. Today, we let the worries go and trust that everything will be worked out. Today, there is pep in our step with momentum for our day. Amen.

Source:: https://thisdaywithgod.com/2021/01/11/joy-in-all-we-do/

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