4. March 2021

Victorious Outcomes

By Mark Shields

The passage today is Deuteronomy 20 and is about the people going to war to take the Promised Land. Pointed out is the need to be confident in God’s commands and carry them out with obedience knowing that the Lord would be with them to help bring a victorious outcome.

The same is true in our daily lives as we constantly battle the inner enemies of our soul. The Lord will be with us to fight these enemies. The enemies like fear, envy, pessimism, hate, and disobedience. Instead, we are to take in the Word in order to produce wonderful outcomes like faith, hope, and love.

The Lord will be with us and we can trust in the Lord to nourish our Spirit with His Word. This will produce the weapons we need to battle the unseen internal enemies. The Lord has our interests in mind and roots for us; while the enemy roots against us.

This day with God will be amazing because as we fight our battles, He is with us to turn tough situations into magnificent outcomes. He can take intense difficulties and make simplicities emerge. We are to trim the edges, pull out the weeds, and design our inner garden as we tweak our daily routines so the good has a chance flourish and the bad no longer grows.

This day with You Lord, we trust in Your way. You are with us along this journey and we will take things one step at a time as we keep following Your direction. There may be good days and there may be bad days but we will keep our focus on You, keep being faithful, and know the outcome will be one of victory. Amen.

Source:: https://thisdaywithgod.com/2021/01/20/victorious-outcomes/

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