9. May 2021

Confidence and Courage for Our Battles

By Mark Shields

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Moses speaks well of Joshua as a man of courage in Deuteronomy 31:1-29 who could lead them for the future.  Moses was up in age and the most pressing concerns for Moses before his death was who would finish leading the people to the Promised Land.

They needed a leader to give confidence and courage for their battles. Joshua was chosen to take over the leadership. He would cross over the Jordan River into the Promised Land and the Lord would go also to set things up for them to take over the land.

Another concern was the people turning away from God, not obeying the law, and following idols. Moses tells his people to have courage because there is victory with God.

To make sure the people followed the law, Moses wrote down the law and gave it to the Levitical priests for safe keeping.

The law would be read every seven years at the Festival of Tabernacles to refresh their minds in the Word of God and share with others so they would gain confidence and be encouraged to win their battles.

The take away from today’s passage is to rely on the Word as our guide, write down the steps of action, and use poems or songs to encourage. God is in control so we can take courage in the fight as we step ahead with boldness because with God by our side, everything will turn out alright.

This day with You Lord, we put our trust in You. We have confidence and courage to step ahead to new heights because You will set things up for our future. We are not anxious because You will fight for us. We can take on our fears head on knowing that You have our back. We are patiently letting Your mystery work things out in Your precious time as we continue our climb. Amen.

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