11. April 2021

Preparing For Action

By Mark Shields

Today we are reading the record documented in Mark 11:1-11 of Jesus and the twelve disciples entering Jerusalem for the Jewish feast of Passover. Jesus and the disciples reach Bethany and Jesus tells two disciples to go into the village ahead.

Jesus told them they would see a colt outside in the street tied to a doorway. The instructions were to untie the colt and bring it back to their location in Bethany. The two disciples did as Jesus told them to do. They must have been concerned that they would be caught stealing the colt but they acted in faith and their fears subsided.

Bethany is two miles east of Jerusalem so Jesus rode the colt on Palm Sunday into Jerusalem. It took a lot of courage for Jesus to come into Jerusalem knowing about the sufferings he would endure over the next week. 

When Jesus got to Jerusalem, he went to the temple courts to look around to prepare for the week ahead. He knew what he had to endure leading up to and during the crucifixion. After His time of preparation, it was getting late so He went back to Bethany at the Mount of Olives to be with the twelve disciples.

This day with God, let us prepare to take action. Let us spend time planning to gain spiritual assets rather than the accumulation of material assets. Let us rely on the instructions given in the word of God as our guide, write down the plans of action, and take courage as we step ahead with boldness knowing that God is by our side.  

This day with You Lord, we pray for the type of courage that Jesus displayed the week leading up to crucifixion. This type of courage enables us to turn what is ordinary into something extraordinary. There is peace in Your presence because we give You full control, the battle is in Your hands, and we will courageously step ahead to face this day with confidence.

Source:: https://thisdaywithgod.com/2021/03/22/preparing-for-action/

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